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Self-hosting a DNS Root Server

With the scale of conflict between China and the United States increasing, on some social media websites in China, some users started expressing concerns for the United States cutting China's access to DNS root servers or removing China's domains in the root servers in order to break China's Internet.By now, there is much analysis on the matter that states that this is unlikely to happen. Most of them focus on the following two points:DNS root servers use Anycast to broadcast their IPs, and there are root servers present in China that won't be affected by the network cut;For the United States, shutting down root servers cause more trouble than benefit, both economically and politically.Yet today, I'm going to present another point:...

Registering Domain in DN42

DN42, aka Decentralized Network 42, is a large VPN network. Unlike traditional VPNs, DN42 uses a lot of technology involved in Internet backbones (such as BGP) and is a great simulation of a realistic network environment.In a previous post (Chinese only), I joined DN42 and connected most of my VPSes to it. (The ones left are OpenVZ VPSes without Tun/Tap support.) I knew from the beginning that DN42 has its own domain name system. For example, DN42's wiki (https://wiki.dn42.us/Home) can be accessed as https://internal.dn42 in DN42. I didn't register a domain back then since I didn't have time, and I didn't have much knowledge of DN42. I finished the registration this month and would like to share my experience....