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Illustration for OS/2 Warp 4: Trying out & Installing Firefox

OS/2 Warp 4: Trying out & Installing Firefox

OS/2 is an operating system initially developed by IBM and Microsoft and later maintained by IBM. Back in the 1990s, OS/2 was a competitive rival to Windows, but later OS/2 was defeated by the Windows series, and IBM finally shut down OS/2 Warp 4's tech support on Dec 31, 2006. But this does not mark the death of OS/2. After official tech support ended, Senerity System took over OS/2's development and continued it under the name eComStation. In 2015, another company, Arca Noae LLC, produced an OS/2 based distribution called ArcaOS, and sold it as a commercial product. At the same time, the open-source community is providing some support to OS/2. They cross-compiled common Unix tools (including ls , rm , etc.), RPM/YUM package manager, and a series of libraries on OS/2....