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Setting up Gopher Site with nginx

Changelog ¶2021-03-24: Improve post processing, add scripts for parsing links and images.2021-03-21: Initial version.What's Gopher ¶Gopher is a protocol born in the early ages of Internet. It was invented at University of Minnesota on 1991, with a purpose similar to HTTP today. The protocol itself is extremely simple:Client connects to TCP port 70 of server, and send one line of URL ending with CRLF, e.g. some_dir/hello.txtServer sends data of the requested file and closes connection.And we're done.The server could be returning a text file, a picture, a binary file, or a Gopher list file called Gophermap with special formatting. Each line of the file is composed of the following fields:A character representing the type of this line, may it be text (i), a link to text file (0),...