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Writing Stories in Traceroute, Elegantly

Traceroute is one of the popular tools for network inspection. It shows the IP addresses of routers on the route from your computer to a destination server, similar to:Domains are shown on the last 2 hops, which is the IP's reverse DNS record. Reverse DNS records exist as PTR records in the format of For more information, you may refer to Setting IP Reverse Records in DN42 (Chinese Only).Naturally, where there are characters, there will be stories shown in them. Two years ago, I set up a bunch of Docker containers, and modified and chained their routing tables, so they create the path needed for showing the essay.Using a lot of containers isn't elegant enough, and is a management burden, especially if the path is long....

LADSPA Stereo Frequency Splitter & Bass Booster

During the Chinese Spring Festival, my dad gave me an Edifier M120 Bluetooth speaker. This speaker is not one of these high-end models featuring dedicated bass speakers, or professional Bluetooth audio codecs such as aptX and LDAC; it's just a unit with two ordinary speakers.With that said, I doubt I can hear any difference with those advanced codecs on a portable speaker anyway.But when I played some music with my phone connected to it, I realized that it does have some bass output. Speaking of bass, I'm impressed by a JBL Charge 4 speaker bought by one of by classmates. As a portable speaker that costs $150, it has a dedicated bass unit with astonishing power. Then I began to think that, although my speaker costs a mere $20 (converted from CNY),...