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I Moved My SSD to My New Laptop. This is What Happened To My Btrfs Data

What HappenedThe quality of my previous laptop (Lenovo Legion R720) isn't great. After 4 years of use, I swapped its keyboard once and replaced its failed mechanical hard drive with a SATA SSD. In addition, every time I opened its back panel, some plastic residue or even screws would fall out from the back panel or the hinge. These were strong indications that the laptop already had one foot in the grave. So I took advantage of a special deal and got a new laptop for cheap, and planned to migrate my data over to the new laptop.The operating system I daily drive, Arch Linux, sits on a Western Digital SN550 1T SSD I bought half a year ago (including the EFI boot partition and the Btrfs-formatted root partition). The usual procedure is to reinstall the operating system on the new laptop....